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While utility rates continue to rise, solar energy becomes more efficient, reliable, and affordable every year. It’s also the cleanest power source available, and available in abundant supply. Still, most homeowners don’t know how easy solar savings can be.


At SunWave, we provide comprehensive solar energy solutions for homeowners who want to save time, money, and resources without the risk or hassle. So, why choose solar energy? Because the cleanest power source available can also save you thousands while putting you in control of your energy and your impact.


Florida is consistently one of the best states in the country for generating solar energy. Considering the state’s large population and high energy demand, it comes as no surprise that Florida has far and away the most installed solar capacity out of all 50 states.

Thanks to pro-solar policies, plenty of sunlight hours throughout the year, and favorable solar incentives, the Sunshine State is an ideal area for property owners who are considering installing solar panels.

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How solar energy works:

Solar energy is power sourced from radiant light and heat emitted by the sun.


Solar Upgrades harness solar energy to power your home, instead of drawing energy from the utility grid. Solar panels use photovoltaic (PV) cells to convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. Next, it is converted to alternating current (AC) electricity, which can be used at your residence. Our mission is to help more property owners make solar upgrades sooner, so they can start enjoying the benefits of energy efficiency right away.