Eduardo Oca

Eduardo Oca


Eduardo Oca

Eduardo started in the world of sales at the age of 17 alongside his father, supporting him in the sale and distribution of jewellery. Additionally, he carried out his sales and marketing studies in the city of Caracas, Venezuela.

At the age of 27, Eduardo migrated to Puerto Rico, where he had the opportunity to work for 8 years as a marketing manager for a direct selling company, managing offices in Puerto Rico, Chicago and Miami.

When he was in Miami, he met Hector Marcano, Project Manager, who presented him with a Smart Distribution project in the area of health and wellness.

Observing the commitment of the company and the great work team that Héctor led, Eduardo joined in 2012, venturing into Venezuela, Colombia and other South American countries, with extraordinary results.

Since the beginning of 2021, with all the experience and knowledge of direct customer sales of more than 20 years, Eduardo is part of the Sunwave Energy LLC family, where he continues to maintain a great friendship and respect for Hector, and is developing the position of sales manager.

Eduardo considers joining the Sunwave Energy LLC family to be one of the best decisions he has made in his life, since the company has given him the opportunity to make his dreams come true, as well as the goals he shares with his wife.